Vertical Blinds

​Vertical blinds offer excellent light and privacy control, come in a variety of materials and are ideal for large windows.

Vertical Blinds: Unparalleled Versatility

Vertical blinds serve as a perfect fusion of style and function, bringing flexible light control to both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you're looking to outfit an office, a living space, or large patio doors, Peaky Blinds has a tailored vertical blind solution for you.

Material Types

Light-Filtering Fabrics : Our light-filtering options create a beautifully diffused natural light, ideal for rooms where you desire a soft, ambient glow without sacrificing privacy.

- Blackout Fabrics : For spaces like bedrooms or media rooms where total light exclusion is preferred, our blackout fabrics provide the ultimate light control and privacy.

- PVC Fabrics : In areas like kitchens or bathrooms where moisture resistance and easy maintenance are essential, our PVC fabrics are the perfect choice.

Customisation Options

Colour Variety : With a broad palette of colours ranging from neutral to vibrant, you can customise your vertical blinds to seamlessly integrate into your existing décor.

Slat Width Choices: Our vertical blinds come in different slat widths, enabling you to fine-tune both the aesthetic and functional aspects to your liking.

Special Features

Motorised Option: For those seeking convenience, our motorised vertical blinds allow you to adjust your settings at the simple touch of a button.

Cordless and Child-Friendly: Safety is a top priority for us, which is why we also offer a cordless option that is particularly well-suited for households with children.

Every set of vertical blinds from Peaky Blinds is made-to-measure, guaranteeing an impeccable fit for your windows.

With our commitment to quality and detail, you're assured of a customised product that adds value to your space.

Explore our extensive range today and discover why vertical blinds from Peaky Blinds are the comprehensive solution for all your window treatment needs.

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